Winter Haunts

by The Rational Academy

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"A masterpiece woven together with a staggering sense of vision" - N0TED.NET (EU)

"If you ever cared for Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Deerhunter or Boris (in heavy gaze mode) then this will be one of your top albums of 2013, thank me later. A beautiful, totally zero-fucks-given, last-ditch all-out swan song from one of Brisbane’s best ever bands." - THE VINE (AU)

"When it plays on my stereo, all I can hear is some kids from Toowoomba staring into their bedroom walls thinking, “Imagine if I made my life into something magical.” - MESS AND NOISE (AU)

"The result overall is exceptional songs almost spectral beauty serving a melancholy atmosphere, magical and unreal, present in each and every one of the notes of the album. " - DEPUTES (SPAIN)

"Winter Haunts" is definitely one of the best albums of 2013" - GERDAS TANZCAFE (GERMANY)

"The most beautiful album released by any Brisbane or Australian band in 2013." 10/10 - HEAVY AND WEIRD (AU)

"The Rational Academy have never felt more relevant, more alive – more there – in any of their other incarnations." - SONIC MASALA (AU)

"Tears the curtain down on another chapter in a wall of feedback, walking into the blinding light to disappear." 4.5/5 - TIME OFF (AU)

"Benjamin Thompson and his remaining crew have poured their all into this and are now giving up. If that is indeed the case, this send off, by turns warmly crushing and sweetly beautiful makes me feel again that this band were, somehow, bigger than the shyly artistic instution they have been for Brisbane for the last ten years." - 4ZZZ (AU)


released January 2, 2013

Produced by The Rational Academy
Mixed by Cameron Smith & The Rational Academy
Mastered by Lawrence English @ 121
Artwork & Layout by The Rational Academy

Recorded by Cameron Smith @ Incremental Recording Studios
Additional Recording by Cameron Silk, Todd Dixon & Benjamin Thompson



all rights reserved
Track Name: End of the Year
bodies wail and i've watched them
pull on forces to bring them down
don't lose yourself
follow waves as they wash down
borrowed forces with the moon

forces that you have known
don't lose yourself
forces that you have known
refuse them

bodies wait and i watch them
foreign forces against the moon

forces that you have known
don't lose yourself
forces that you have known
refuse them
Track Name: (Let it) Bleed
shiver stone bardot traveller
fatal and free love
won't let you escape hurt
singers slowed down and sinister
heavy with pearls
possessed almost heathen
it breaks on your lips

who bruises now?
who lets you bleed?
break from your wrists
let it bleed from your insides

stone bardot traveller
patient and bleeding press hard with your fingers
silver sewn through the winters
and most of our lives
resist our most evil

who bruises now?
who lets you bleed?
break from your wrists
let it bleed from your insides
Track Name: Great Care
she came home through the cracks in his wall
bright bodies trying for peace
a night spent out under dry leaves
were you ever so sincere?
the morning
dawned as she combed through your hair
a mention you were close to her
and moments you traded for sleep
Track Name: 夏 夫 (Summer Husbands)
soft bruising touches
rushed through blood and worn all summer
tell me rest under your care
and carve out all my lovers names like soldiers
etched into a wall
right next to all your lovers names remembered
climb over these walls
your lust won wars
your heart beats like a husband

salt washed through cuts
forced from your hands
so we'll remember how to heal each other
when we look on all my wives and lovers
next to all your lovers cast as husbands
all our miscarries and children
climb over these walls
your lust won wars
your heart beats like a husband
Track Name: Vast Uncertain
calms the dust that blacks horizons
the vast uncertain
we are ready now
there is nothing left to leave with
but the air in my heart
the smoke in my lungs
so how's the world on winter nights
while you sleep
afraid to go outside
how's the world with you tonight?
we already know
we are ready now
haunts a voice that spans horizons
we already know
Track Name: Yellow Pony
pressing your hands as pillows
soft fists bruised on skin
recast in books as poems
hard against your chest

cradled on equus riding
off to restore themselves

dressing your hair in simple
braids woven through rings
promised to love and be loved
saved on earth and clean

cradled on equus rising
off to restore themselves
Track Name: Storms
storms sided with the oceans release
cold answers called over seas
all you've swallowed up inside of them
won't keep you warm
won't wake you they drag you deep

storms sided with the mountain repeat
cold answers drawn underneath
all that's swallowed up inside of them
won't keep you warm
won't wake you they draw you deep
Track Name: Anita
star sign
creep through the canyon
gold leaf carnations
anita sleeping up in her room

zich overgeven
don't come through anger
black magic whispers
told to the wind
street fascination
tend to their sweethearts
open their wounds

smoke smells the same out of your mouth

star sign
sleep through the storm
and all of creation
anita sleeping up in her room

smoke smells the same out of your mouth
Track Name: I Catch the Warmth
i swear this place i do not know
these new surroundings
how? what? where? i got in here
i thought i heard your voice repeat
i'll leave a key, i'll leave a key
why and where are you hiding?
are you hiding in these new surroundings

i catch the warmth under my coat
like fires i have coaxed inside
this silent corner of some building
wide fixed stare these new surroundings
winter gloves heavy in the morning
side with me

i straighten up i am alone
gathering sticks and sparking stones
i catch my breath against the stove
frosted clouds escaping
one, two three i was singing
i thought your voice would come and find me
inside this building i was haunting
one, two, three i was singing
songs i thought you would know

if i sleep now
will i wake up with you beside me?
will i wake up to find
you've crept inside my coat?
your small arms
wrapped in circles all around me
your pink neck
standing steel against the morning
your pink cheeks, your slow breath
hardly moving
will i wake up the silent tenant of some building?
with my winter gloves damp in the morning
carry me if you can hear me

i check your mirror
pull my hair back into shape
my eyes a mess i feel ashamed
and maybe someone else
is sleeping through this morning
and maybe other fires
burn throughout this building
and i should put mine out to ash
while i'm still standing